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Guess who spent the evening looking at Creepypasta!

This idiot. I’m already getting shortness of breath. This was not a good idea

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“A Texas family has fled their home after finding some.. unnerving things in their daily family videos. The videos were being uploaded to YouTube and subscribers were pointing out a being or creature in almost every single family video. These are just two screenshots of the creepiest sightings, out of the many videos. The family has been blurred to protect their privacy.”


Show me the youtube channel or shut up

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Mah Ball (via Jacky Ge)


Mah Ball (via Jacky Ge)

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even if youre not in the roosterteeth fandom just watch this omg

This is the best example of the question game I’ve ever seen

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I wish every “fake” post was called out by way of Ace Attorney rp posts

You mean like

"You’ve been a member of tumblr for exactly 3 years. You’ve seen the kinds of things people reblog. How could you honestly not know this is how you’d become tumblr famous!?"

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The odds of being attacked by a shark in the US are 1 in 11,500,000, but no one gets mad at people who want to avoid the ocean.

The odds of a woman being sexually assaulted in her lifetime are 1 in 6, but if she doesn’t feel safe around strange men she’s a stereotyping bitch.

Strange old world we live in.

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